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PLEASE NOTE:     Effective April 9, 2012 Ty Cobb Healthcare System, Inc. will accept online applications only. 

You may use any computer with web access to submit an application 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you do not have alternate internet access, the Human Resources office has application computers available  from 9am-3pm, Monday-Friday.  The Human Resources office is located in the Joe A. Adams Building - Suite H at 461 Cook Street in Royston, Georgia. 


Ty Cobb Healthcare System is a Drug Free Workplace. We are committed to providing a safe work environment and fostering the well-being and health of our employees. All applicants will undergo testing for the presence of illegal drugs as a condition of employment. Any applicant with a confirmed positive test result will be denied employment.

Ty Cobb Healthcare System hires lawful workers only - US citizens or nationals and non-citizens with valid work authorization - without discrimination. Federal law requires all employers to verify both the identity and employment eligibility of all persons hired to work in the Unites States. In an effort to meet the law's requirements, we are participating in the Basic Pilot program established by the Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration to aid employers in verifying the employment eligibility of all newly-hired employees. Our participation in the pilot program does not exempt us from the obligation to complete a Form I-9 for everyone we hire.